7 Follow up Email Tips You Can Use Right Now

You’ve sent the email. You’ve waited. It’s been a few days, though, and you haven’t gotten a reply. You’re not alone if the idea of sending a follow-up email makes you feel a bit awkward. 

Our intuition warns us that if anyone hasn’t responded to our first text, they’re not interested and that if we bug them again, they won’t like it. In this situation, this isn’t always the case.  

Very few people say “yes” on the first point of contact, or the second, third or fourth, or even the forth!

Something to always remember though, good email follow-up will always work wonders. Anytime you make a point of contact with a prospect or customers, you need to plan before you send. And with a little collaboration, proper delegation, planning, and long-term thought, you can write and send those strong email follow-ups that get you a response (quickly!)

Follow up Email Tips From The Checklist Group

Might Seem Obvious – But Remember To Follow Up!

Maybe after a meeting, you follow up with an email, seek a warm or cold lead, or drive a prospect forward down the sales funnel. Your follow-up emails are a part of the relationship-building plan, whatever the scenario: it’s a long game. Determine the emails with your team that needs follow up. Following up at all immediately puts you ahead of the competition.

Seems an obvious one to start with, but just getting into the rhythm of sending that follow-up email after your point of contact is a great way to make you stand out whilst building rapport. Had a great chat about X? Mention it. Managed to help them with X? Mention it. 

Following up allows you to recap what you discussed in your conversation too, and gives them further information on what was discovered.

The Email Schedule

Ever heard of the fibonacci sequence? This well known sequence of numbers is considered the ‘holy grail’ when it comes to follow up, and it uses 1 basic principle. You start from 0 to 1, then you add the last numbers to get the next one. So the sequence looks like this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on.

This has been proven by marketers to be the most effective when it comes to follow up, and you might use it by sending an email follow-up on Day 0 right away, then a follow-up a day later asking to catch-up, then a day later showcasing your products and so on. Try it – it really does work!

Automate Your Emails

If you’re reaching out to hundreds of people per week, it’s difficult to remain on top of following all of them manually. That’s why a CRM, or another marketing solution like Mail Chimp or Active Campaign can make your life easier – by having your emails on autopilot!

It sorts out your emails whilst you sleep, and makes sure it always gets done after important events. With certain CRM platforms you can set up email automations when different events happen.

Potential customer just requested a quote? Lets send them an email right away with different prices. Your customer’s birthday is coming up? Get an email sent out with a 20% off coupon if they use it within 7 days of their birthday.

Add Reviews To Your Emails

Showing social proof can be an amazing way to form an instant connection with your reader. For a lot of marketers, they like to put them at the bottom of the email to make sure the person reads all of the email content first, then sees your amazing reviews at the bottom.

Try to add reviews that really standout and make you look like a superstar. You’ll be surprised how well it works.

Show Your Customers You Can Help Them – By Actually Helping Them!

In your emails do not be scared to provide some helpful content. Whether it’s a quick tip, or tricks of the trade, people love quick & easy wins and this is the perfect way to use it!

Example: “Quick Tip: When it comes to buying paint, always open the tester pot before you buy it. A lot of the time the colour on the bottle is way different to what’s inside!”

Switch Up Your Call To Action 

A call to action (or CTA for short) is something you want your customer, or reader to do next. It really means to take that next step. This could be scheduling a call with your team or visiting your Facebook page to see those awesome posts you make. 

What you might find is that after you use the same Call To Action over and over again, it’s less likely to invoke a response because they’ve seen it so much. You can switch it up in two ways; 1) Reword, instead of ‘Get Quote’ you could put ‘Find Out How Little It Costs Here’, see the difference?

2) Mix It Up: If you’ve asked them multiple times to give you a call, the odds are they’re unlikely to do it and they need a little more nurturing. You could switch it up by linking it to your website with some helpful content that will help their buying decision. Once they’ve got round to reading it, you could have a pop-up that lets them download a free guide! 

What Email Follow Up Should You Use Now?

The truth is until you test each one, you’ll never really know! Try to do each step at a time so you can monitor what’s working, and what’s not. If it feels like you’re getting more responses and you recently added reviews, then awesome! If your emails are struggling to be received as you added images in, then take them out and try something else. That’s the beautiful thing about marketing!

If you’d like to see how our team here at The Checklist Group can boost your email follow-up, and make your customers convert with ease – click here and book a strategy session. You’ve got lots to gain, and nothing to lose!