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Do It For You

From start to finish, we’ll handle marketing campaigns, get you leads, and convert them. We’ll take over everything.

Do It With You

Pick what aspect you might need help in and our team will be on stand-by ready to help. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

Do It Yourself

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to go at it yourself, and we’ll be on the side line to help you whenever you need it.

The Checklist Group Agencies & Organisations

Grow your team. Maintain Quality. And get results.

the what

Hire us to be apart of your team as a project

Other agencies and large organisations already have a marketing or sales team. However, these teams may not have the right systems or processes in place causing them to miss a great opportunity. It often can be really hard when you are amongst the work to stop and adapt, rather we are forced to innovate as we continue our daily work schedules. 

The Checklist Group offers a project based hire in project where you hire our agency in marketing or sales to show you, teach you and work with you to build your team up to scratch. Many organisations do this and agencies do this, however without telling the service that this is what they intend to do. Well no need to hide the real reason, because we are offering you it without the awkward hire and fire scenario getting in the way. 

the why

Outside Opinion is sometimes needed to grow and adapt

Any business which is medium to large which is generating above 1-2 million + in revenue each year. Look at us as a project base sales or marketing team which is hired to work with you for a minimum of 6 month to help with systems, processes, results and training to ensure your staff are up to scratch. 

This is not only available Australia wide, but with request, can also be done international for the right companies.

the how

Analyse. Innovate. Trial and Test

We will bring in a part time or full time project manager into your business who will work with you for a minimum for 6 months. We have various stages to ensure nothing gets missed and we understand your current process. From this we will create a dedicated calendar with key tasks which need to be complete, tested and trialed. We will show you statistics and results throughout the process as well as training your staff to ensure that they are actively participating in these finding and providing in-depth feedback throughout the process leading to a successfully project which can be officially launched and continued after our project handling. 

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