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CRM System & Process Set Up

Technology to managing all your company's potential customers and current clients. All customisable based on your industry and needs. 

Lets talk about crm

The Checklist Group CRM is customisable based on your needs and wants for every industry. We help you get sales automatically and on demand.

what is CRM

Customers Relationship Management.

CRM’s are important to manage prospects, current client opportunities and also keeping your database up to date with the latest trends within the business. If you have not yet invested in this process software for your business, then contact us now as you are missing out on the most important opportunity within the sales process. 

The Checklist Group’s CRM is completely customisable based on your needs. Other CRM’S you may be familiar with or currently using have various restrictions on integrations and capability which can impact a businesses growth and opportunity. This then forces businesses to invest in different platforms, costing more money, and before you know it, you have 3+ softwares doing different things without communicating with one another. 

The Checklist Group CRM allows integrations across multiple softwares, but also saves you money! We provide an all in one CRM with literally everything you need. 


Businesses who need a system, want to grow and get results.

CRM is for every business that aims to attract new clients, wants more sales, and also wants to appropriately market themselves in a professional manner. 

Goodbye to the days of spreadsheets, and hello to automation and results! This is perfect for every industry from businesses that need and have a hands-on sales team, to a consultant who wants automation to book appointments. 

The software provides an ALL IN ONE approach, meaning you don’t need to invest in various platforms to get the job done. For example we actually save you money and time!

1. EDM marketing and Database communication

2. SMS integration and Call recording System to measure sales stats

3. Landing Page and website building

4. Digital Marketing reporting to see how well you are performing

5. Customisable triggers, pipelines and campaigns based on your business needs 

6. Integration with various platforms, and also no extra cost connections with other platforms such as facebook to reduce ZAPIER spend. 

why is it important

Engaging with your prospects fast and effectively is what makes you grow.

Hustle. One of our biggest values at The Checklist Group. Having a great CRM in place not only gets your clients fast and engaged as soon as they inquiry but it will also support your employee experience. There is nothing worse than training someone when you yourself are not even sure how it works! By making things simple, easy, and less passwords (haha) then it will reduce time on yourself, employees and get you results. It truly is a win-win situation. 

why hire an agency to do your crm

CRM's can get confusing!

The truth is CRM’S are confusing. It takes time to learn a CRM, and there is always the worry that you are doing it wrong. If you use our CRM you will get support from our team to set it all up for you and be your ongoing IT support so you can focus on what’s important and what you enjoy. 

here's how we can help

This is what it includes


Service Package
  • Ongoing Support to set funnels/triggers
  • Slack communication profile with the team to contact 6 days a week.
  • Opportunity to add a sales and marketing team to do the work for you
  • EDM and SMS campaign Management

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