We are not  just an outsource service provider, but we are an extention to your team.

From start to finish, we’ll handle marketing campaigns, get you leads, and convert them.

We’ll take over everything.

Pick what aspect you might need help in and our team will be on stand-by ready to help.

You’ve got nothing to worry about.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to go at it yourself, and we’ll be on the side line to help you whenever you need it.



The TCG first started within the fitness and wellness sector where we provided hands on support to the growth of large franchise studios and boutique studios across Australia.

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The What

The Checklist Group predominantly was made up of fitness professionals and our clients were mostly gyms and studios across Australia. We have helped studios double their revenue within 9 months by providing a hands on approach with their marketing and sales structure.

The most popular package for this industry has been the DO IT FOR YOU PACKAGE which includes

  • Facebook Marketing/Instagram Marketing to get you more prospects 
  • CRM Automations and Process Development
  • And a dedicated off site sales team to convert your leads so you can get more paying customers through the door!’

We can provide other package options based on your needs and budget however the reason why this package is the most popular and most successful is because it gives the opportunity for personal trainers and studio owners to focus on their member engagement and retention in the studio. 

This doesn’t only apply to studios but can be applied to all wellness industries via appointment settling and taking deposit or promotional offers over the phone.

The Why

Have you ever hired a personal trainer or manager to do your sales? Did the prospect ask for a call back when they were meant to be training or running the studio, or perhaps they called them once, and never again? 

Are you sick of burning leads day after day, week after week? It can get expensive especially if your lead cost is already high! And the worse thing is… We know that you as the business owner will try and juggle it all if your staff are not fulfilling your expectations. This sounds exhausting and well…familiar? 

This is WHY we do what we do. And the best thing is, we can set all the process up and start selling within the week. (Of course this depends on demand, so inquiry fast as their are limited spots on this type of program due to labour)

The How

It will sound simple, but the truth is, we have tested our system and processes every week and month, and continue to tweak them to get better results for our clients! 

All we will need from you is access to your Facebook Business Manager, your client management database and we will set the rest up. 

Don’t worry either! We are not here to LOCK YOU IN to something you don’t want. We provide a 4 week trial period, and then after this it is a 30 day cancellation, with the option to continue on the same package or change packages based on your experience and needs.

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