Laura Ridley

ceo | Founder

Laura is the founder of The Checklist Group. She is a hands-on manager that oversees all activities, trains and appoints all staff. Often throwing herself into sales at any opportunity.

Obsessed with the hustle and bustle, Laura’s work ethic is enviable, and she is no doubt always focused on attaining the best possible results for her clients as well as maximizing the potential of her team.

Laura has been exposed working in various industries including the entertainment, hospitality, and fitness sector for over 10 years. She holds a business degree in Business Management, and her entrepreneurial, type A personality is reflexed through the quality and results that she brings to each client.



Dale Nelson

Sales coach sales manager

Dale is our Sales Coach and Manager at TCG. Dale has been within the fitness industry for many years from being a personal trainer, to launching his own online program to running and owning his own studio in WA. Soon Dale realise that he loved the sales component in his career and went on to assist in the development of sales coaching at The Checklist Group and helping many different industries with their sales process and conversions



Paula Escobar

Digital marketing Specialist

Paula is a professional in advertising and has several years of experience working for different international brands with the purpose of boosting their sales and recognition through marketing and advertising. Currently she specialises in planning and executing the different digital and communication strategies for our clients in order to increase their goals along with the sales team



Jan Kitong

NSW Sales team leader

Jan is one of our hands on account and Sales Managers. 

Jan has been in the fitness industry as well as working with many different call centre businesses for over 5 years. 

He continues to sharpen his skills by constantly challenging his knowledge on how to remain competitive for his clients, by going above and beyond in his strategy planning sessions and competitive analysis. 



hosanna ferrando

social media specialist

Hosanna graduated from the Ateneo de Davao University, where she studied entrepreneurship. She specialises in  social media management and content creation.

Hosanna handles all of our social media scheduling, blog creation and website design. She also specialist in google my business and SEO optimisation. 



olavi villagonzalo

graphics design & crm automations

Olavi is our overall support manager. He wears many hats from website Creation, SEO optimisation, Facebook Advertising, CRM Automation and implementation of systems within a business. He works alongside all employees of the checklist group to ensure that projects are completed with the highest quality and standards.