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Member & Client Engagement Program

We can help you retain your client, engage your members and build loyal relationships

We can provide a DO IT FOR YOU service or DO IT YOURSELF program based only our needs. For the DO IT FOR YOU phone based customer service engagement eg; feedback process, please head to the sales and customer service page. 

Lets talk about member & client engagement program

Sales are GREAT! But if you can't retain them, then was it really a sale?

what is member & client engagement program

We can write you a process that works, we can coach you, or we can do it for you.

Member and Client Engagement is all about the experience. Although we can’t be there physically to attend your service we can provide you a program that will work to engage and maintain client relationships in various relationships. Are you wanting to find out more about your client’s wants or needs? are you worried that a client or member is going to leave due to their lack of attendance? Or perhaps you need some new ideas and events to engage your customers so they remain loyal to your business. 


Service Based Industries

We are all about the service-based industries today! You may be online or face to face, but the importance of member engagement is just as vital …believe it or not! 

We created the member engagement program to help retain your customers when sales are coming in so growth continues! You may want an outsourced team to provide this customer service to engage your members. If this is the case please head to our sales and customer service page to hear more about how we can assist. 

For all those who want to learn the tips and tricks in keeping your customers continue reading. 

Relationships for B2B is very different from B2C. Relationships for a studio membership service are very different from the hospitality industry. Although the outcome and goal is the same, the process is very different and this is why we provide you a dedicated, strategic plan around member engagement and customer experience which will end up in generating you MORE Cash flow and also put a smile on your customers face, making you confident in their return. 

This is not a quick process, but more a process which must be done in the following stages;

Innovation, Quantification, Orchestration

Cited and explained within the E-Myth. 


why is it important

Digital marketing is effective, but have you heard of word of mouth? Yep... The biggest Killer and the biggest influencer.

You may be able to generate 100+ leads a month, convert 50% of these, but how many will you actually keep? Your business will only grow if you retain your current client base otherwise, what is sales and what does ROI actually mean?

here's how we can help

This is what it includes


Service Package
  • Project Management and Communication Software
  • Workshops and Training for you and your staff
  • Business analysis and strategic plan documentation
  • Dedicated Checklist for weekly and daily tasks to perform
  • Minimum 6 month period and limited spots to ensure we are focusing on each businesses and achieving the results they deserve

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