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Sales is what gets you results.

Sales is everything. Remember when you went to a restaurant and the waiter asked if you wanted another wine, even though you had only drunk 1/2 the glass? Sales. 

What about that time you locked yourself out of your house and the locksmith said it will cost $250 and made you pay before and agree to the terms and then they got into the room within 2 minutes of trying? Sales. 

Or that nice car you wanted, and they promised you to speak to their manager to see if they could get you a better deal, but really they didn’t need to get approval. Sales. 

Sales are everywhere, everything, and really what makes a business grow! If you know sales and understand how and what to say, you can approach every and any situation and feel comfortable that the person will say yes at the end of the call or conversation. 


Sales Coaching or Workshops are for those businesses who need help with their sales team or individual coaching to take it to the next level.

Here at The Checklist Group we offer a variety of different sales packages for various industries. We cover sales coaching for small sole trader businesses who may be just starting, to medium to the large corporate organisations who need to develop their sales and customer service process from start to finish. 

We cater to all industries and prices according to their needs and expectations. We will provide the necessary tools from start to finish to assist in sales growth throughout your business regardless of what level and experience you are currently at. 

For large sales teams, we will sit down on a daily basis with your team and working apart of your team to plan out the whole sales process from start to finish, ticking off the required training checklist to ensure that by the end of the project the team is fully dedicated and motivated to achieve high KPI results. 

For small businesses we provide weekly and fortnightly coaching calls and packaged workshops. We can teach you phone sales, pitching to client sales, face-to-face walk-in sales, and customer service sales. 

This is not a process where we just send you the material to complete and leave you to your own device. We want to help you get actual sales results. 

Most persons are not born salespeople. This is fine, however, it means that you need to be taught the skill of sales which can take time and a lot of focus. 

why is it important

Results make people happy. Employees will love you for it

No one likes being rejected. However to skills of sales allows for you the develop a touch skin and a sense of direction to get the job done and head towards the end goal. There is something special about getting a sale, and this is why it is important to teach yourself and your staff that feeling of success so they continue to want it more and more till they become addicted. Sales is a drug. You may not know it yet, but we can show you. 

Why hire The Checklist Group to show you how to do sales?

We have proven strategies and experience that works

We were a sales agency before we were a marketing agency. We love sales, we live and breathe sales and we have had some epic results with our client results! 

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