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WELCOME TO THE TCG Monthly Newsletter where we discuss trends, What is happening behind the scenes, and our solutions to fix problems and prepare for upcoming challenges and seasons. 


What a year. Can you believe that 2021 is nearly over. We have two months left of the year before we tackle 2022 and all those New Year’s Resolutions! 


The Fitness Industry is making a comeback, and we are excited to be on this journey with you. People need a studio and community more than ever! Not only for their physical wellbeing, but mental wellbeing. 


My heart goes to all those studios that experienced lockdown month after month, and felt the burn of cancellation and pauses. We understand that this is a difficult time financially for you all, and we want to promise you that we will do our absolute best to increase your number back to PRE COVID times and hit the ground running this coming 2022. 


I am excited to be launching these newsletter catch ups on a monthly basis to explain trends, what is around the corner, thoughts and ideas and of course what is happening within TCG! 


Being a small business, we love working with small businesses who share the same values that we do. The Hustle, Grind and Sleepless Nights. We are a certain breed and this is why we do what we do, as the energy and motivation truly does keep us alive and we are thankful for each and everyone one of you for being a part of our own dream as we sure yours. 


We can’t wait to tackle the New Year with you all.


Laura and The TCG Team xx



Studio in Alexandria, Sydney.

Package: Sales and Marketing, DO IT FOR YOU

Started: February 2021 (9 months)

We worked with this studio back in 2021 February, and all through the Sydney Lockdown Period. We helped lower their lead cost from $35 per lead, down to as low as $12 per lead.

We worked with them all through lockdown, as they adapted to the covid restrictions, having been on a member base of 170 members, to now 240 members. 

We are so proud of these results, with not only the TCG Team, but the amazing retention skills and dedication this studio has to its members.


Studio in Annandale, Queensland

Package Sales and marketing, DO IT FOR YOU

Started: April 2021 (7 months)

A new studio located in regional Queensland. We worked with this studio so far for a total of 7 months and assisted with their pre-sale. We helped them open their member base with 110 members! We couldn’t be happier and are now working with them to bring in intro challenges and trials.


Studio in Gladstone, Queensland

Package Sales and marketing, DO IT FOR YOU

Started: March 2021 (8 months)


We Loved working with this studio and its prospects! Such a lovely area with individuals who were excited for this new studio to launch. 

The team was very hands-on, and we ended up opening the studio with 120 new members. 

We now continue to grow the studio 4-8 sales per week and convert above 35% of this studio’s lead generation.


Studio in Gladstone, Queensland

Package:  Marketing

Started: March 2021 (8 months)


Our studio is located in Epping and battled the COVID lockdown period in Melbourne. We worked with this studio coming up with different packages and solutions to continue lead generation and ensure cash flow was being met. We got creative, and the team was so motivated and willing to give everything a go!


Melbourne is now opening, and they are starting to further ramp up their studio member base! 

We continued to get a lead cost of less than $15 during lockdown for these guys!


Studio in Perth, WA

Package:  Sales only.

Started: April 2021 (7 months)


This is a unique gym, they break all the rules by not offering weight loss or challenges.
You would think that because of this they would struggle.

Yet each week they generate 10+ leads and have maintained an average conversion of 34% despite not being your typical gym.

At the start of October they had hit a new club PB for memberships, which they put down to being able to give time back to their members rather than struggling with sales!
It was such a proud milestone and we are so pleased to have been a part of helping their club grow.





2021 has been such an interesting year for the fitness industry and Digital Marketing. Here are a few of the barriers that we faced;



We were firstly impacted by COVID 19 back in 2020, but soon the outbreak and lockdown periods continued into the new year. This caused a lot of uncertainty around what the government regulations were, if it was safe and increased a negative impact on mental health in individuals across Australia. 

Studios across Australia were forced to adapt online, to bootcamps to even some creating a whole new business opportunity, as lockdowns constantly occurred and not only were prospects uncertain, business owners were left guessing. 

However, the amazing benefit of the covid 19 pandemic was the growth of each lockdown lasting more than two months was substantial when the freedom date was here, as everyone’s motivation was high. 

We are excited to see more stability heading into 2022, as vaccinations increased and the likelihood of lockdowns are less likely to occur. 



Facebook updated their rules and regulations around content and privacy standards, restricting and creating barriers from facebook users to target those who didn’t want to be targeted through website traffic. This was all done through the IOS14 Update. 



The cost per lead is determined by various factors. Not only is it impacted by the copy, assets and optimisation/targeting, but also by factors that you and I can not control. This includes; your location and population of the area, Demand based around seasons or issues occurring around the world. 


Here are a few examples based around states so you can understand what a good result is, and what your cost per lead means within your area. 



Cost per lead after the NSW freedom has also varied each week. The two weeks prior to lockdown, we saw the lead cost drop as low as $3 per lead up to $10! Once studios opened, leads began to rise, as more studios began to advertise, and competition was high making enquiries spoilt with choice. 

We found that Sydney to be in a far better position than region studios outside of Sydney, due to the vaccination rates being lower. 

Prior to lockdown, the cost per lead was from $16-$28 per lead. This is still a cheaper result compared to other states across Australia. 



What we have found with clients in Queensland is that the average lead cost outside of Brisbane and the gold coast is sitting at around $15-$25 per lead. Normally Brisbane and the Gold Coast have a lead cost of $20 – $35. However, in the last month (October) We noticed that Brisbane and Gold Coast lead generation has dropped significantly. 

We believe this may be due to various factors such as the Christmas period approaching, school holidays interfering with prospect demand, and the potential risk of covid and lockdowns occurring due to vaccination rates not being met.


Brisbane and the Gold coast, naturally have a higher lead cost, due to the competition of large franchise studios continuing to open up. 

We also notice that demand around the city location of Brisbane is still impacted as many individuals continue to work from home, while the further away you are from the city, the cheaper the lead cost. 



Victoria has been affected by covid, however lead generation still continues to flourish after every lockdown. This shows that demand is still very high, and people are excited to return back to their routine. 

Lead cost ranges from $10 – $20 depending on the area, however quality has been less, as the fear of lockdown is still heightened within the community, as well as local studios cutting prices just to get people through their doors in desperation. 

We ran ads during lockdown for some of our Victorian studios to highlight outdoor personal training which was very effective. We are now preparing for the launch of VIC reopening, with some of our studios selling memberships prior to prospects even walking through their doors. We are excited to see Victoria Melbourne back in action. 


Similar to the QLD lead generation pattern, WA is still following the seasonal trends however with heightened risk of covid returning in the areas, as state borders begin to open. 


We noticed that a 28 day offer works far more significantly than a 6 week challenge, and this may be due to the approach of the christmas period. People want fast wins.



It is very hard to determine what is going to happen for December this year. QLD, SA, and WA are likely to slow down in November with lead generation and prospects less likely wanting to commit to a fitness routine prior to the new year. This is a very common objection which goes with the season and fitness industry trends.

However in NSW and VIC we are unsure, and hope that the impacts of Christmas will be delayed into December rather than November. 

The goal should be to RAMP up your lead spend now and increase your member offers prior to the christmas period, so you can afford to take the pause and cancellations over the festive season. 

We would then recommend NOT switching off your marketing during christmas, but more reducing the ad spend to half of your usual, to increase brand awareness and website traffic/instagram traffic so prospects in your area are constantly thinking about you and ready for their New Year’s resolutions. We can do this also via a message campaign or video campaign which is low cost.

This is also the time to do EDM marketing (email marketing) to keep them aware and at the back of their minds. 

Reality is that you won’t get as many sales during December, but it does not mean that you stop. This is the time to plan and prepare for new years resolutions.

TCG has launched a new Christmas package for those wanting support, but not as much support as previous months to get them through the christmas period. This is what we could recommend


TCG Christmas New Years Resolution Package 

2 Weeks from 19th December till 3rd January 

PRICE: $200 + GST Per Week


Google My Business optimisation to increase more people googling your business and heightening the organic SEO
(Opportunity to continue this if you want more walk-ins for only $59 per week)

EDM Marketing Christmas Campaign to send out to your database

FB/Instagram Marketing Messenger Leads and Brand Awareness campaigns to keep your prospects engaged and alert.  (recommended $15 daily budget per day on FB leads)

OFFER IDEAS before Christmas

There are a few offers we recommend during the festive season to run with. Short and effective New Years Challenges, or Summer Challenges made for before christmas is what we would recommend. Here are a few ideas;

  2. SUMMER EXPERIENCE PACK (Routine and a mini challenge before christmas)
  3. BUDDY UP PROGRAM FOR YOU AND A FRIEND (discounted rate if you and a friend joins a 28 day kickstarter prior to christmas, with flexible start date)


The wording ‘flexible start date’ helps individuals to convert over the phone prior to walking in, and have the package as a credit so they can start within january.



The Checklist Group is expanding, and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only do we have new staff joining the team, new offers to help studios like yours get long lasting results, but also Director Laura Ridley, is expecting a little boy Mid November to help motivate all our sales and marketing team to get the best results for 2022. 

Here is an overview of our staff at The Checklist Group and their roles so you can be prepared when they call or email you.

Laura Ridley – CEO – Managing Director

 (Located in NSW)


Dale Nelson – Sales Manager and Account Manager for WA/QLD 

(Located in WA)


Jan Kitong – Sales Support and Account Manager for NSW

(Located in NSW) 


Emma Dowsett – Sales Support and 

Account Manager for VIC (Located in VIC) 


Paula Escobar – Digital Marketing Support

(Located in NSW) 


Hosanna and Olavi – Administration Support and Social Media Marketing Assistant

We are also excited about what is to come with TCG for 2021. Here are a few things that we will tell you more about in the coming weeks!

  1. New Sales Coaching and Marketing Program called Accelerator Coaching Academy. This is all about marketing plans, member engagement strategies and DO IT YOURSELF guides to do sales and marketing in house.
  2. Monthly Newsletters. 
  3. Regular client catch ups and Mystery Shopper Analysis add ons for your studio.

We hope you found the above 

information useful!

The above information was in depth as we had a lot to catch up on for 2021! We would love to get some feedback from you on what you would like to see in these newsletters, or what you want us here at THE CHECKLIST GROUP to do more of so we can further improve.

Let us know by sending us an email here!

Also we would greatly appreciate a google review to support us and show other studios how we have helped you…

However,if you REALLY love what we do and think it’s a game changer, Send us a video testimonial (less than 30 seconds is fine) and we will provide you access to a FREE month of the Accelerator Coaching Course which is valued at $320+

> Starting this January! <<

Where you will receive:

 Access to our Quarterly Webinars.

Access to our 6 Week Sales Game Training Course

Access to our 6 Week Facebook Digital Marketing Coaching Course.

Complete Review and Audit on your Google My Business, Website, and Social Media Page

Seasonal Marketing Plans and Strategy Sessions.

Access to scripts that work, digital copy that brings leads in, and onsite selling techniques that convert.

Member Engagement and Retention Strategy Planning Session.

Quarterly catchup mentoring session One – One – One with Owner Laura Ridley.

Access to our exclusive Facebook Group where we discuss marketing and sales trends and tips.

Access to our Monthly Newsletter.


Ongoing Cost only $79.99 per week


The Checklist Group
Sales & Marketing Solutions

Shop 1, Lot 46/20

Wyndham Street Alexandria, NSW, 2015 Australia

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