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Can you believe that it is DECEMBER already? This is the time of year where things WILL slow down, as many prospects are not looking at purchasing or starting their fitness journey until the NEW YEAR.  


However, this is not to say you can’t pre-plan your next Quarterly success by coming up with you marketing strategy, training your team on operations, and of course organise your financials and potential revenue for the next 3 months from January to March. 


We have completed all of our strategy calls for our clients leading into the NEW YEAR and we are super excited to see what 2022 brings. 


However, while we are moving into DECEMBER, let’s discuss November stats, and the expected trends leading into December so we can plan, prepare, action and evaluate! Learn from this December if you have not experienced December yet, as year after year, December has always been the same. 


Laura and The TCG Team xx



Studio in South Penrith, NSW.

Package: Sales and Marketing, DO IT FOR YOU

Started: October (2 months)

This studio came on board just after lockdown. The owner lost many members during the Pandemic, and needs to grow fast heading into the New Year, where they may make the decision to sell in 2022. 

Are goal was to grow the studio to increase the profit of the business, making it more attractive for the buyer to take ownership. 

We were happy to have sold 16 new intro members within 5 days! This studio ended on 30 new members for the month, and we are excited to see what happens when 2022 hits! 

Lead cost was less than $5 and the package sold was $145 intro offer. This is a great return on investment, especially when converting over 50% of the member database.


Studio in Townsville, Queensland

Package Sales Only, DO IT FOR YOU

Started: September 2021 (3 months)


This is a physio studio that sells 16 week programs upfront! We are averaging 5-8 sales per week at a cost of over $819.

This studio originally priced lower when we first came on board, however after testing, we recommended increasing the price for $35 per week, to $45 per week which increased sales and improved quality and retention within the studio. 






The biggest marketing barrier we have faced coming into November is BLACK FRIDAY Sale as well as the Christmas period approaching. 

During the black friday weekend/week the cost per lead increased as we bidded
for marketing space against e-commerce brands with high budgets. This further impacted the results leading into December, however we hope to see a slight increase in improvement for the next week, before prospects stop buying, and wait for the New Year to begin.



Unfortunately we were hoping that this Christmas period would be different due to lockdowns and less people going away, however already with the trends in November, we are expecting a slow, expensive December, with little return until the New Year. 


This is NOT to say that you should turn off your marketing, but more strategically change your offer or marketing strategy to find ways to guarantee that your January is going to be filled with new members, based on your hard work, brand awareness and determination during December.

TCG has launched a new Christmas package for those wanting support, but not as much support as previous months to get them through the christmas period. This is what we could recommend.


TCG Christmas New Years Resolution Package 

2 Weeks from 19th December till 3rd January 

PRICE: $200 + GST Per Week


Google My Business optimisation to increase more people googling your business and heightening the organic SEO
(Opportunity to continue this if you want more walk-ins for only $59 per week)

EDM Marketing Christmas Campaign to send out to your database

FB/Instagram Marketing Messenger Leads and Brand Awareness campaigns to keep your prospects engaged and alert.  (recommended $15 daily budget per day on FB leads)

We hope you found the above 

information useful!

The above information was in depth as we had a lot to catch up on for 2021! We would love to get some feedback from you on what you would like to see in these newsletters, or what you want us here at THE CHECKLIST GROUP to do more of so we can further improve.

Let us know by sending us an email here!

Also we would greatly appreciate a google review to support us and show other studios how we have helped you…

However,if you REALLY love what we do and think it’s a game changer, Send us a video testimonial (less than 30 seconds is fine) and we will provide you access to a FREE month of the Accelerator Coaching Course which is valued at $320+

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