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We don't only help you get more leads, but we help you turn them into long term members.
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who are we and why

The Checklist Group is an All-In-One Sales & Marketing Solution

We work closely with our clients communicating every step of the way and constantly hustling alongside them, as a business is fast-moving, and being on point is inevitable for growth and survival. 

Founder, Laura Ridley, first created The Checklist Group Agency because of her love for sales and the process of pitching to clients and converting leads. Through her experience working for small organisations to corporate firms, she realised that the marketing team in businesses often lacked communication with the sales team (being on a different floor of the building) which impacted results.

 “It was almost like they were enemies, and although they were fighting for the same results, they were never on the same team” Laura communicated.

This is when she started to learn marketing and found her love for paid advertisement and using her sales skills and language to get prospects which lead to results.

Having been around successful business owners her whole life, she saw the sweat, tears and constant juggling of tasks which often led to resentment and failure. The reality is, “You can’t do it all”.

We have all been there; quality decreases, stress increase and the feeling of defeat hits every morning and night. The biggest challenge is letting go and accepting that you need help, and needing to rely on someone else to do certain tasks to get the job done, and also so you can enjoy the real reason you started this journey. 

We understand…and this is why we created this ‘Agency’ so you don’t have to worry about the turnover of employees, training of staff on a regular basis and also monitoring someone every hour due to the lack of trust that they are going to do it right…. sounds familiar doesn’t it!

The Checklist Group manages your lead generation and sales process from start to finish, so you can ensure that your customers service and onsite operations are producing high quality results and most importantly, enjoyment. 

We specialise in a variety of different industries with very different system and outcomes.

After extensive research we have discovered the perfect formula to take your business to the next level.



From start to finish, we’ll handle marketing campaigns, get you leads, and convert them.

We’ll take over everything.



Pick what aspect you might need help in and our team will be on stand-by ready to help.

You’ve got nothing to worry about.



We’ll teach you everything you need to know to go at it yourself, and we’ll be on the side line to help you whenever you need it.

How far can we take you

Dedicated & Motivated

We are a small team of dedicated entrepreneurs. We are on this journey with you. You grow and so do we. We have all worked amongst the fitness industry so we understand what is needed.

Quality Over Quantity

We like to choose a handful of dedicated businesses to work with us. Why? Because those who choose quantity will never we able to provide the service we give to our clients! We are about RESULTS and LONG TERM relationships. You are NOT just a number.

We Actually Care

We wear our heart on our sleeves. There are books out there which say toughen up and get on with the job. This is true, but our values are often shown through the work we produce.


We are cheaper than a PART-TIME Employee, and your return of investment will make our service a no brainer!


Have you ever hired a sales person? or maybe a marketing expert. How was the turnover? Or more importantly... how was the results? Can get pretty exhausting trying to always find the right person or team!

Results Driven

We are a sales team. This means we are money hungry. Enough said! (If you know, you know)



Converted leads for the month of February



Converted leads for the month of March



Converted leads for the month of April



Converted leads for the month of May

why should we work together

We're more than just an 'expense' or a service; we're part of your team

Why are we different? Let’s be real. How many ‘AGENCIES’ or employees claim to know how to do it all, or guarantee you these amazing results and you are left disappointed? 


We have heard them all before, and we are going to call it out for you.

This may be a little harsh but the truth is, we are HONEST, and do our absolute best to provide you the best results we possibly can. If we don’t do as well as we had hoped for, we will be upfront and work out a way to improve it. 

We have produced some amazing results for our clients with doubling their business in just 9 months! However every business, industry, location, person is different. We can’t guarantee results within a month, but we can guarantee that you will learn, grow and will crack the code to growing your business via a long term strategic process.


who we have worked with

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Client reviews

Laura and her team at The Checklist Group have been an absolute delight to work with. The team have taught me so much and help my brand new business get off to a great start. I have always been a little skeptical about hiring an outside company to assist with sales, social media etc. but WOW am I grateful I took a chance on The Check List Group. Thanks Team!

12RND Fitness Clifton Beach Fitness Studio

We started working with The Checklist Group right after lockdown was removed and when gyms were allowed to be open, and wow what a difference they have made to our club! We are doing so much better than what we were doing before lockdown. Laura and the team at checklist have really helped us grow the gym. The amount of sales they do for us is unbelievable and we are very grateful for it. Highly recommend the checklist group to any gym that needs help with their sales, and they’re always bringing quality ones in as well! If I could give a million stars I definitely would. We love working with you guys, thank you so much for all the help you have done so far with us. Love, The 12RND Newtown Team

12RND Fitness Newtown Fitness Studio

Labrador was having an epic month. This guys are doing an awesome job. My other club in Ormeau is also growing and I LOVE IT! We've needed to grow and finally it's happening thanks to you.

12RND Fitness Labrador Fitness Studio