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Making sure the customer is happy. The longer version is to ensure the customer or client is satisfied with the product or service provided, and with the sales, delivery, installation, use, and other components of the purchasing process.

Lets talk about customer service support

Sales and Customer Service is what makes marketing a more attractive and confident return on your investment.

what is customer service support

From Sales Closers, To appointment bookers, to market research to service and customer experience

The Checklist Group provides sales and customers service support to businesses who are needing an extra pair of hands in attending to prospect inquire. We can provide this support in a number of ways, including lead generation support eg; handling facebook leads when they come in and converting them over the phone, to market research cold calling, to chat system support, to business development and online pitching etc. 

We are the sales team which hustes day and night!  


Sales is Business.

Businesses need sales, and this means they need salespeople. The reality is it is hard to find great salespeople or people who want to do the dirty work which can often lead to rejection. The Checklist Group loves sales, and before we were a marketing agency, we were dedicated salespeople who love to win. 

We work with various businesses and industries to ensure that our sales and customer support team are in line with your company values, and branding. We are NOT a call center. We are from it… In fact, we are so much more. We are the first point of contact with your prospects and future clients so building rapport and a helpful customer experience are what we do best, but also we get results.

If you are a business owner who hates sales, neglects sales due to your busy schedule, or MAYBE a business that has hit a plateau.. then we are what you are looking for. 

We include a CRM with all the automation and do the appropriate training to show you why we do what we do and why we are so damn good at it!

why is it important

Sales is what makes the world go round.

Maybe you got a brand…and it looks pretty…But does it convert? does it lead to sales? If not, then maybe you need to re consider your strategy. Sales is what grows business. Yes marketing is important and without marketing people don’t inquiry, but what’s the point if cant convert a lead into a long term customer? You wont see much of a return of investment. 

why hire an agency to do your customer support

Guaranteed Results

We can’t tell you what exact results you will get, but we can guarantee that we can do it better than you. We believe in our service and what we do, and we are money hungry, hustle sales people. If you don’t win, neither do we, and that’s the beauty of the sales industry. You really do pay for what you get. 

here's how we can help

This is what it includes


Service Package
  • Salesperson 6 days a week
  • CRM and automations included
  • SMS and Email Communication
  • Opportunity to add lead generation campaign via google or facebook
  • Small Base with Commission Structure

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